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Hello! Author Kate Piliero here. I'm working toward the publication of several ​humorous, character driven picture books for kids 4-8. I have a special (and personal) interest in reflecting neurodiversity in picture books, and even though they're wacky, my stories all touch on themes of social justice, inclusion or kindness. 

I live in rural San Diego county with my husband, two young kids, and The Muttiest Mutt Ever To Mutt (along with 16 other pets ranging from fish to fowl to rabbits).

In another life, I lived in Los Angeles and climbed the ranks in film publicity, working on The Hunger Games trilogy and a few Oscar® campaigns before leaving the industry when my first baby was born.  I also owned a boutique floral design business for a few years, and still geek out over all things botanical.

When I am not reading or writing picture books I can be found writing press releases for film clients, assembling/cursing/purging toys with hundreds of small parts, snowboarding, binge-listening to podcasts, exploring tide pools, baking layer cakes, or watching Dead To Me & The Daily Show. 

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